I am a research scientist at the Neurosim Lab in SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University. I am developing multiscale models of neurons and cluster of neurons forming the right atrial ganglionated plexus of the heart.

I worked a research associate in the McDougal lab at the Yale Center for Medical Informatics. Where I expanded an enhanced the reaction diffusion module for NEURON and developed multiscale models of ischemic stroke, spreading depolarization and synaptic specificity. I also worked on informatics projects, including development of a semi-automated pipeline to find and curate COVID-19 immune signatures (the key aspects that define an immune response) from the growing corpus of COVID-19 research.

I worked as a postdoctoral researcher in; the Shepherd Lab at Yale School of Medicine, the Neurosim Lab at SUNY Downstate Medical and Warwick Systems Biology Centre with my PhD supervisor Magnus Richardson. I completed my PhD at Warwick University Complexity Science doctoral training centre, working on models of the dynamics of neuromodulator adenosine in tissue.